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The JNTVR in Motion trailer is a custom 28ft tandem axle trailer. It creates it’s own power with a diesel generator that produces hours of entertainment in an A/C or heated climate. It also provides its well trained crew with a living quarters for the events that are detached from civilization. We are prepared for any event.

This trailer has some cool features

... and to just name a few.


In the front of our trailer we house our own power station.  It is a diesel engine that generates 1.21 gigawatts, nah... but seriously, it is powerful and it WILL take us into the future. With this station we are... completely self-sufficient. Did you want me to say, we are the ultimate power in the universe, because we are not far off. It's also the best category to reference movies.


We like to have fun with our experiences but the most important thing is that everyone is safe.  With multiple safe guards in place, like kill switches, we also have seat belts. While the simulator is moving you and your imagination, you will be safe in your seat.

Climate Control

With this simulator traveling from East to West, it also travels North to South. We are prepared for any temperature with 2 roof mounted Heating and Air Conditioning units.  If your imagination takes you to the cold North Pole or on a summer-time roller coaster, we will keep your body temperature right where it needs to be.